Banks Banks Banks BANKS!!!!

If you were around when I had the practice husband, you probably got subjected to our excitement on various shows or music. His preference for making everyone listen to the three Johnny Clegg CDs over and over didn't scare everyone away, fortunately. For the record, I happened to like the CD's, I just couldn't convince the man that common courtesy dictates that you ask your guests what THEY'D like to listen to.

One show I absolutely adored and shared with everyone was a video of a Showtime special entitled "Steven Banks Home Entertainment Center". In it, one hour of comedy ensues when we watch a young man in his apartment in his attempts to write a speech for his boss to give to the stockholders and board of directors. Doesn't sound that funny, does it? I assure you, it is.

It never failed that someone would come visit us and that video would come out for viewing. We would all roar at this man's comic genius and musical abilities. 18 years later, I still sing songs from the show. Alas, in the acrimonious split, husband 1.o decided to take possessions out of the house after assuring me he would not. Among them was probably the copies of Steven Banks, as I don't recall seeing the show afterwards.

For years, I tried various means to track this down. I used Alta Vista, Dogpile and eventually Google to locate Steven Banks. Wikipedia and IMDB tells that the man's talent is now in use on some of the funnier children's programming on Nickelodeon (he is the head writer for Jimmy Neutron). That this show never made it to mass release is a shame. I don't know if his contract with Showtime gave them all distribution rights and they felt it unworthy.

For some reason, I decided to You Tube "Steven Banks" and I was thrilled to find that another fan of the show posted the special in seven segments. If you give yourself an hour and refrain from drinking beverages while viewing, I think you'll find little about the show that doesn't make the trip to 2007 well.

So go to You Tube, search for "Steven Banks Home Entertainment Center", forgive the VHS quality and laugh your butt off at this show...


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