This is a week for countdowns:
Days till younger son's birthday :2
Days till we attend our first Harry Potter book release party: 2
Days till my nerve block (and please, oh please let the thing work, dammit): 5
Days till my birthday: 8

We went and preordered our two copies of Deathly Hallows yesterday at Books a Million. The local mall has a Barnes and Noble on the entrance road that is such a pain to get out of that I no longer visit there. There's a Borders on the opposite exit of the mall, which is okay, but now IN the mall is BAM. So yesterday, we went over and preordered the books, once I determined that my young birthday boy is jiggy with the idea of spending the waning hours of his day waiting for the next book.

There will be a Harry look a like contest, and young son, potentially showing his skill as an events promoter, immediately told older son "You look just like Harry! You MUST enter this contest!". It was quite humorous. About ten minutes later, he comments that he should enter, too, since he's as skinny as Harry. Yeah, but there's this mop of curly hair that would rule out any serious chance of winning. Out came the hair straightening iron and voici, the child has straight, unruly hair. Add some eyeliner to the forehead and we've got a small version of Harry.

The store will have stations set up throughout for each of the books and activities for the kids. We lunched at Cheesecake Factory yesterday and the boys split a slice of cheesecake, since they'd already had lunch at school. Of course, now I'm being asked if they can get cheesecake while we wait. Uh oh, I am sooo screwed. Suppose I should make the child his requested birthday cake: coffee cheesecake. :)

The leg this week has been quite interesting, so I am counting down the days until I may have some blessed relief from the pain. Cross your fingers.


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