The sitemeter has been a source of great interest for me. It shows me where people are visiting from, how long they visit and what brought them here.

For instance, that recent post about Ratatouille spoke of the movie trailers. Someone googled "Mr Magorium's Magic Emporium" and my blog was one of seven hits. The person didn't stay long. Well, if that's all you're looking for, that's fine.

Another person googled about DVT and Joe Namath, and I was among the pages and pages of hits. She mentioned having a similar DVT history in a comment to me, but hasn't returned since. That's a bummer, because it's always good to have someone with shared health expereinces. You tend to learn from each other (or in my case, Giggles is a wellspring of RSD info and I haven't given much back-YET).

Some of the locations are curious. I kept coming up with Phoenix and wondering who the hell I knew there. Then I clicked on the map dot and found out that it's where a friends employer registered their IP addresses with ARIN. I have a friend who works for ARIN, and even though they are based in Northern Virginia, they show as the eastern shore of that state.

Those map dots center on LI, and I think I've figured out who has Optimum Online and who's using Verizon based on the times that they show up to read this thing. I could be wrong, though.

Then there are the puzzlers and you know me, I like to figure them out. Many of the hits are one offs-they read it once and I never see them again. Dots from far flung places, like Cape Town, South Africa, Romania, Buenos Aires and a few others. Okay, something brought them here, and it's probably Blogger's 'next blog' button. I like using that button myself, it's brought some great reading-and some crap, too.

Then I see repeats and I'll figure them out.

Maybe they've got sitemeters, too and they're figuring out who's there...


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