Time to give it a go again...

Sorry for the lack of posting. Yes, getting *those* comments again. For a readership of oh, 15 people, y'all do get kinda mouthy when I don't post in a couple of days. Why don't all of you start your own blogs, huh? Just kidding. Honestly, I was kinda in a funk after the last entry, because I saw my future flash before me and it did *not* thrill me. Suffice to say, it'll get better-it has to.

(and on a tangent-why is it that Trillian uses a doorbell chime when people log OFF?)

Anyway, as much as my writing must thrill some people, I'm going to give another try at a food and wine blog. The last venture into multiple blogs resulted in blogger hosing up bigtime-I hardly posted for about six months because it was such a pain to access the account. It is now linked to my gmail account and is running smoothly. Did I say that? Yes, I did.

The food and wine thing will be resurrected in the next week or so. It'll catalog the tasting notes for the wines we drink for the most part, but the food notes will come about when we have occasion to dine out or happen upon some local good eats place (like the awesome BBQ joint we have the next town over), or even when younger child makes an amazing meal in cooking school. This past week, they totally nailed chicago deep dish-it tasted like Uno's.

If you want to follow along at home, most of the wines are from PRP, and they're a direct wine merchant. We've gone to the red side, so comments will typically be about those. Most of the whites that will receive comments are German.

Food comments will also encompass relevant TV, shows, commercials, blah blah blah.

Why this and why now? It really bugged me that we couldn't get the "Yum" thing going because of the blogger glitch. Second, a coworker told me of his music blog that netted him lots of free music, for the oft chance of him reviewing the music on his blog. Interesting-think there's a chance that a 40 year old from the burbs could get a shot at the "Next Food Network Star" by having a blog about food and wine? I know that's not a realistic career expectation, but hey, I can give it a try, can't I?


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