Almost the answer to Life, the Universe and Everything...

41. Yep, one year away to being the answer! :)

The day was nice, got to spend the majority of it with Ed and the kids. Ed got new glasses, we went out to dinner and got free ice cream at Cold Stone. (Score, I forgot the rest of mine was in the freezer!) Then we headed over for a dip in the pool after Ed went to work, since I was unencumbered by an Unna Boot. It sure felt good.

Funny moment: Youngest son decides he wants to have a race, so he, Michael and older son race to the opposite end of the pool. Michael handily getting down there, younger not far behind, and older (walking) not much behind him. Once at the opposite end, younger asks why I'm not racing, and Michael responds "Oh, she was down to this end and back before we even got here." Love that sense of humor!

On another subject, we've been visiting the library a lot lately. It's a good way to pick up DVDs I don't want to spend money to rent. My thought was to get older son to search better by having him look through the book offerings on the Alicat and then have him try to find said book in the stacks. He'll look for his shoes levitating in midair, so this is not a wasteful activity.

Anyway, he tends to read sci fi, pokemon and those game strategy guides over and over. I thought perhaps I'd introduce him to a sci fi series I'd read when I was 12, The White Mountains by John Christopher. No luck-he was less than interested in it. What the heck, I decided, I'll see if the books stood the test of time. (this after suggesting them as good middle school reading for others a few times). They definitely are geared towards a middle schooler's reading abilities, and definitely good storytelling.

After reading the White Mountains, I picked up second book in the series, "The City of Gold and Lead" this past week for rereading. It could have been folly, what with having a date with Harry. Well, that book was demolished in under 48 hours (it'd have been less, but work and sleep had to happen). The second book also is well crafted. Ironcally, though, I picked the books up for one son and the other's curiousity was peaked by the cover of the prequel. He asked about it. It interests him, so back I go for the first book to read aloud. While I'm at it, I have to pick up "The Pool of Fire", the last book in the series.

Apparently, there was a BBC series based on the books that was produced in the 80's. I wonder if it'll be low quality BBC programming a la the Hitchiker's series (styrofoam wig form for Zaphod's second head-good casting, dudes) or will it be like Dr. Who and get some efforts on the SFX front?

I suppose some searching is in order...


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