It really IS a small world

I attended college on Long Island. Hell, you all know this. It is a fine establishment for higher learning, despite the derogatory nicknames the school earned. In a nutshell, you got out of it what you put in. In my case, it was a great place and I wish that I'd been more responsible with my meager pay and finished the degree (six lousy credits, I tell ya...)

At work, we ask all our guests for their emails. Today, a woman shared her email with my coworker and I heard "at". I made the comment "You wouldn't happen to be employed by my alma mater, Nassau Community College?"

She was. In fact, the one department (besides Theatre and Dance) that I spent a lot of time in was Psychology. (No, they didn't examine my head-I heard that, Bob! And no, that wasn't the voices, either.) She has been an instructor in that department since 1975. I'd mentioned the professors I'd had and I have to say I loved every psych class. I did well, even in the first year when I majored in party.

We kibbitzed for about ten minutes: the profs I had, who is still at Theatre and Dance. The instructor I had for Abnormal Psych has since retired, and while he was MY favorite, apparently he was reviled by most of the student body. I can see that-he was very tough on the grades. She said he must have loved me if I enjoyed the class and did well. Let's see, a member of my household was schizophrenic, hearing voices and having a psychotic break that semester. It really drives home the lesson, let me tell you!

It was really cool to hear that the majority of those professors are still there, twenty two years later.


Bob said…
Can't resist. I majored in party at BCC (Brookdale, not Booklyn) for the first 13 years. The reason the teachers (professors, sorry) are still there is that; where else can you get a part time job, make at least six figures and have the summers off?

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