What Flair

There are many lessons to be learned about RSD, and yet another one presented itself. It seems that if you've had a bad flare up due to Unna Boot issues, it's probably not a good idea to put another one on until things resolve.

The most recent boot was trouble from the get go, but in a different way from what I'd experienced before. The top of the foot was fried from shoving the shoe on it. As such, it was hypersensitive to anything touching it, and I spent the entire time this current boot was on pulling down the gauze and the outer layers when they inevitably crept further up the foot. Last night, I finally cut the thing off, because I'd had enough. The vicodin and the Lyrica weren't even cutting the pain, a sure sign that I needed to do *something*.

Now that the boot is off, I'm experiencing the lovely and all too familiar pain of anything touching my leg and foot that cause the foot to feel like it is on fire. Remember how I'd told of the one and only false alarm I'd had thinking I had a clot? The site of that vericose vein knot is one of the trouble spots in this flare, but it is not the only place that hurts. The top of the foot, the band around the back of the calf, that knot and the ulcer are all letting me know in no uncertain terms that I shouldn't shove my foot in a shoe OR put a new boot on so soon afterwards.

Oh and my DM doesn't like when I wear an ankle length skirt or light colored, ankle length pants with my Crocs. Apparently, this is 'flouting' the fact that I'm wearing the shoes. Uh, okay. Maybe I thought the apparel choices were nice items to wear to work. It almost makes me think that if my nerves weren't so tender, that I should walk in with an Air Cast on my leg and ask if that's a better solution. A call to HR is probably in order, but to do so may mean career suicide. Ugh, why can't this be simple?

The day passed with no call from the Neurologist's office, so no, the nerve block did not happen. Life goes on. Apparently, so does this RSD flare, too.


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