Diet Sodas are EVIL

Many of you are aware of my severe allergy to Nutrasweet. Giggle's husband discovered that this was the trigger for her numerous migraines and she passed the information on to me. I remember exactly where I was when we were talking and she told me she hadn't had a migraine in a week (Barnies, Dulles Town Center in line to order a Mocha).

We both experienced an amazing thing in that the removal of aspartame from our diets meant we hardly get migraines. The down side for me was that I switched to regular soda instead of cutting it out and quickly gained 50 pounds. I still miss my Fresca, btw. If I have so much as a sip of diet soda, within 5 minutes I experience symptoms and if I don't act, a raging migraine occurs.

Now, Newsday has some proof of Nutrasweet causing problems:,0,1193801.story?coll=ny-top-headlines&track=mostemailedlink

I could go on and on and give testimony about how much weight I've lost with the near elimination of the artificial and processed crap that fills our supermarkets, but this article alone gives a lot of leverage without me saying a word.

My meal is in front of me with a glass of water-and you know what? I like it. It's better for me, too.


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