Three days off

I have been bestowed a three day weekend from work. Right now, we are three managers running the place, when it's usually five that cover floor leadership. It can wear a person out, so the Assistant Manager/Acting GM (for another three weeks) has been awesome. He took a three day last weekend to close on his house. Then he gave me this weekend, and the other manager next weekend.

Ed's working two of the three days, so that kills going anywhere. Instead, I let younger son have his first friend sleep over tonight. Dinner will be fondue (at son's request) and we'll go see 'Ratatouille'. As for the rest of the three days, we shall see. If I were inclined to drive over to St. Pete this afternoon, we could get tickets to the IMAX sneak peek of Harry Potter on Monday night. I'm not. Instead, I'm going to see if I can buy advance screening tickets for Wednesday afternoon.

BTW, if you're a Harry fan, go to Yahoo Movies and click on HP. You'll see a link for an exclusive trailer, but it ends up there's a dozen posted. The more I see, the more I can't wait...


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