Another day, another leg update

Last night, I got three hours sleep. The burning sensation was like the little engine that could and what it could do? Drive me completely and batty. This morning, I made the decision to cut the top, stretchy layer of the Unna Boot off. I wish that I could report that this brought an immediate end to the pain I'm experiencing. It didn't, but it did bring that burning feeling down to a dull roar.

Off to work I went, with three hour's sleep. I think I would have a valid excuse to be extremely crabby and rude to people, but I wasn't. Instead, the customers were both crabby and rude to me without any good reason. My coworkers were great, as always-they could see my poor attempts to hide the pain today and would 'buddy up' as I was helping the problem people today.

The nerve block is 8 days away, yay. In talking to Giggles, her impression was that relief from a nerve block is only 2 to 3 weeks. Of course, this sent me digging. There are several types of nerve blocks used, and the one my doctor will be performing seems to have an efficacy of 10 weeks. Let's hope that I am above average and get more time out of the torture of general anethesia.

Onto another topic, how many other people are picking up their copies of Half Blood Prince for a refresher this week? It'll be my break time reading for the next week. Friday night will find us at the local Books a Million. I'm preordering two copies and this entitles us to use their express pick up line. However, they are having the usual book release festivities. The store will give away a copy of the book to the person who looks most like Harry. Older son is a shoo in, even his little brother told him we HAVE to go, because he'll win.

Now, younger son is excited at the prospect of spending the night of his birthday at the event and decided he'd like to enter (in his words, he's as skinny as Harry). His curly locks are not going to get him very far, so tonight we used my hair straightener to tame the curls. His hair IS like Harry's, it goes all over the place when straight!


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