I've got another one for the weird file...

I had an eye exam yesterday. Since I turned 40, the vision ain't what it used to be, so I schlepped over to the vision place everyone else in the household has been to. The reading glasses should be ready in two weeks, fortunately, my distance vision doesn't need any help at this time.

The addition to the strange file: when the optometrist was viewing my left eye, she spent a LOT of time on it. She said that the eye was fascinating, because she'd never seen the vasculature of the iris. Most people, you can only see the pigmentation. She'd never seen this before and told me it's extremely rare.

She also took the time to go through the eye chart letter by letter with the left eye. It had been 20/200 at one time, now it's 20/100, but when I'm allowed to 'bring the eye in' on the chart, it's 20/30. Cool.

It should be interesting to see how much time it takes to get recognized by people who know me with the new short hair and the new glasses on!


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