Suzanne service announcement

Normally, it'd be a Public Service Announcement, but it's only serving me. With the current health issue, one side affect has been insomnia. This is also apparently a common occurance when you take Vicodin. As a result, sleep usually doesn't come before 3am. Sometimes, I am up until 4. I hate it, but I'm dealing with it as best I can.

It's been mentioned in the blog entries, but I think this problem may have appeared as a sporadic event, rather than the daily occurrence that it is. I ask you, my friends, to call me AFTER 12 noon. This way, if I've had a rough sleep night, I'm awake and moving on with my day. It also saves you from feeling bad for waking me up.

To both of you who have woken me this week, you're fine-I realize I hadn't made it clear that this is what is happening...


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