The time has come

The past two nights have been very rough. New symptoms have emerged with the foot that concerned me. The foot immediately below the Unna Boot has a burning and hot sensation, but it's cool to the touch. There isn't any redness or specific pain site, other than Vern doing his knife throwing into my calf.

The odds are good that there isn't a clot brewing. This morning my nurse practitioner concurred At 3:00 am, so did the nurse at my insurance provider's 24 hour Nurse hotline. She even said I was extremely self aware after I triaged and said I'd ruled out a clot, that I'd palpated and found no tenderness or warmth and that the Hohman's was negative. The current pain keeps me from sleep. It makes me extra vigilant this weekend. If things get really bad, I'll cut the boot off. I really don't want to do that unless absolutely necessary, since it makes a huge difference in the healing of the wound.

However, the pain reminded me that Dr.K's office had cancelled my appointment to meet with him to schedule a Nerve Block. After playing pass Suzanne to several different departments, I finally got Endoscopy and they scheduled the Nerve Block for the 23rd (no preliminary appointment, the initial consultation was considered as such). Actually, I was given a choice, but who wants to go under general anethesia for their birthday? Yeah, me neither. The irony here was that while I was scheduling, Nurse M was leaving me a voice mail replying to the 3am voice mail I left her.

Now into a big unknown. I sure hope that I escape the 2% fate for once in my life and that this Nerve Block actually works. If I were an average person, the nearly healed wound would mean that the RSD would be going away. Alas, I am not average-the RSD gets worse.

The nerve block, as I mentioned, is done under general anethesia. Oh joy.

I'll keep y'all posted.

(btw, who the heck is reading from South America, Bucharest and Spain? And the the 25% of my readers not using Firefox, get with the program!)



I must say- you do lead a charmed life. You may be my long-lost dvt sister... not that I was looking for one; but, I did stumble across your blog this evening while doing research for a dvt/pts project.

I'm Sally and I've had dvt's since age 25- post-thrombotic syndrome for the last 20 years. Oh- yeah. I'm the one from ARkansas when you check your visitors list.

I've not read your entire blog yet- perhaps there will be more entries about your experience with the "bum-leg" as I call mine. If you've not filed already- it sure sounds like you should be eligible for SSI-disability. I became alarmed when I read that you'd cut off your and were still reporting into work? OUCH! Don't DO that!

Stay elevated! And, email me privately if you have any user-groups for dvt-survivors (I'm a member of 2) and/or just want a friendly companion in this awful odyssey.

Oh- like your sense of humor, too. You're chipper!


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