Will someone tell Vern Troyer...

to stop stabbing my leg?

I've got another RSD flare going on. It's a minefield. Just when I think I've figured out what's triggering it and eliminate it, I get another flare and have to figure out why. I have my suspicions about what caused this one. If I'm correct, I will have to either get a pair of cheap shoes in two different sizes OR really insist that I have to wear the Crocs. I suspect that I'll need to contact the pain management doctor and the podiatrist to have three doctors saying the same thing in various notes.

This reminds me that I have to call and schedule my appointment to schedule the nerve block. I had one in May, but the scheduler goofed and gave me an appointment with the wrong doctor-so of course, instead of giving me one with the right doctor, they just cancelled it outright. Bah.

At least with the vascular group, I enjoy a standing appointment for the Unna Boot. Heck, the valets know my car and know me-there's never a question of where I'm going and that I am eligible for the service. There are distinct advantages to being there every week-the reception staff can finally find my hyphenated name without asking for my social, the nurses get me in a room quick and they know the drill (take off boot and prep bath for foot while waiting for exam).

So, while the wound is healing, the rest of the problems seem to be sticking around...


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