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Friday's entry comes to you courtesy Chef Junior. Yes, my first guest blogger is my eight year old son.

Apparently, he has to write paragraphs at school. Many of them center on his love of cooking and love of eating seafood. Here's today's-it is too adorable to not share it! (Spelling is Chef's)

What if I was the best chef in the world?

If I was the best chef in the World with my Mom, I would...

go to iron chef America and complete the tasete to be a true chef as a sue chef, for my Mom and onlley be eight!!!!! I would make crab cakes, octipos and more and it all with my Mom.

He's been all too happy to help out in the kitchen and even took on the sharpest knife the other night. I was making Caprese bruchetta. The plum tomatoes had to be sliced and Chef, decked out in his jacket, said he'd do it. Somehow, that jacket has calmed his fear of the knives. He was steady and methodical and did a great job.

Then he brushed them with the balsamic, sliced the mozzerella and assembled the brushetta for broiling and shook the basil on top afterwards. If you were wondering, when the kid prepares the food, he eats it-even if it contains something he doesn't like. He's decided that tomatoes are yummy.

My next project is a variation on Pasta Primavera-he's curious about asparagus, since Ed and I both profess our love of it...


Grandy said…
Oh wow...asparagus. We have a festival for that closer to me every year too. I am just not that creative of a cook to appreciate these things.
Suzanne said…
Oooh, sign me up for the asparagus festival, too!

Well, I made the primavera and Chef was iffy on the asparagus. He deemed the red peppers too sweet! But he did eat the peas and carrots and ham.
imaginary binky said…
I would love to eat octipos prepared by your sue chef. Haha!

That's really cool that he loves to cook at such a young age. That's how Phil's mom encouraged him to be the great cook he is today. Perhaps we will follow your steps and encourage Amos this way. Yay for cooking!

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