Five Things

Saffa Chick has a meme that I'm tagged, because well, I liked the concept.

What are five things in your life now that you would never have thought would be in your life when you were 25?

1. I didn't think I'd be divorced and remarried. At 25, I'd been married just over a year and I thought things were hunky dory. Silly me, I didn't see many warning signs that he was all wrong for me. Thankfully, someone who was part of my life at 25 is still part of it-and the father of my two kids. :)

2. Extreme vigilance over aspects of my health. At 25, I'd had one wrist surgery and been officially diagnosed with asthma and allergies. I had no clue that I'd have a DVT right after having a baby and several other blood clots.

3. I never thought I'd want to move off the mountain that I'd just bought the house on. Since then, I've lived in two other Maryland towns and moved to Florida. You never know, I might even move again (if family members move off Long Island, that is...)

4. I'd have had such a good relationship with my mom until she passed. We'd had a rough patch there for a while, though at 25, we were just mending those fences. She gave my bedroom in her house to my sister and brother in law-without talking to me. She didn't attend my wedding to my first husband. Then, my dad passed away six months later. We both realized that life is too short. Heck, I moved to Florida in part to be closer to Mom!

5. I'd have two great kids. I'd wanted kids, but wasn't ready right at 25. My plan was to have two, just two and be done by 30. Well, Gameboy arrived three months before I turned 30 and Chef 6 days before 33. Two of the best things I've ever created!

I'm not tagging you, but if you want to tag yourself, go right ahead. Just let me know so I can read your responses!


Mike Golch said…
I just want to know how to tagg some that I have read,I'm still new at this,and may sound a little dumb and I guess I am to some email is if some one would take the time and tell me how I can do this I would be greatful for the help.Note it would have to be a detailed explanation just think of as trying to teach a child.Thanks,Mike
Saffa Chick said…
Mike, you just say "gee that sounds like fun, I'm tagging my self to do this meme...". If you want to tag someone else I think you leave a comment at their place telling them they are tagged to do a meme.

Hi Suzanne, enjoyed your 5 things! Places we live, relationships, kids - funny how much things can change!

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