The Rock Star Meme

Thanks to daysgoby for this one:

The ROCK STAR meme...

1. Click here.
The first article title on this page is your band name.

2. Click here.
The very last four words of the last quotation are your album title.

3. Click here.
The third picture, no matter what it is, is your album cover.

Add your name and album title to the picture and post!

(Oh, and I am too friggin lazy to make it look like an album cover. Maybe I'll fix this later, maybe I won't) Here's my album:

Comana River
And Therefore Imminent Downfall

I think I could have done worse. Those words came from Frank Lloyd Wright and three quotes up was Jack Handy. I would have been soooo screwed. However, when I went back to step one, I got Paradise Syndrome. How's that for a band name?


Kaoscapt said…
Band name:
National Highway 3

(It's a highway in Cambodia that connects Phnom Penh and Veal Rinh.)

Album title:
...Are Bruised And wounded

(from W. Somerset Maugham)


Actually a cool pic considering the titles.

I made the cover, but it won't let me paste it here...

Joyce-Anne said…

Band Name: Tony Fulton

Album Title: More than a Hero

Album cover: I don't have the address for the picture but it was something with a kite flying and not a cloud in the sky
Suzanne said…
Both of those sound great.

I'll admit, I wanted to play again, soooooo:
Powder Keg: A Blast into the wilderness

Afraid to Run Away

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