I've been tagged for 7 Random and Weird Things About Me by Suzanne Says (hmmm, sounds familiar, eh?) I think I did this one before, but like my blog name twin says, there is plenty enough weird about me to keep doing this meme and not repeat myself.

These things have rules. Here's the rules for this one:

  1. Link to the person that tagged you and post the rules on your blog.
  2. Share 7 random and or weird things about yourself.
  3. Tag 7 random people at the end of your post and include links to their blogs.
  4. Let each person know that they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.
I have to thank Suzanne, because dude! I am hurting today and couldn't think of anything to blog about that wouldn't involve griping and whining.

1. I got an A in a class when I spent most of the time drunk and/or stoned. My freshman year of college, I took Geology. The lecture professor told the class about the summer course he taught, Field Laboratory Geology. It was a 10 day trip to Block Island, Rhode Island and counted for four credits of Lab Science. Travel? Hands on? Beach? Sign me up!

The class was awesome. Block Island is beautiful, a teardrop shaped island 13 miles off the coast of Long Island and 11 miles off the coast of Rhode Island. Twenty three students and a professor who kept a twin engine Cessna on the island. We would get up and have breakfast at our hotel, then ride our bikes to the day's lecture point (it was the preferred mode of travel there). We'd have class from 9am until noon, then the rest of the day was ours. To a bunch of college kids, this means PARTY!

Oh, and I really ticked off the prissy party pooper. I was drunk when we weren't in class and didn't study-I got the lone A. She'd spend hours studying in her room, didn't join the huge group partying and got a C. Ha ha!

2. I drove a POS Malibu that was nicknamed the Lepermobile, thanks to the rust colored primer spots all over it. It developed some weird electrical problem that required me to have a volt meter on the front seat. I could not shut the thing off if I got a reading of less than 10 amps on the voltmeter.

The scariest ride of my life in it was with Ed. He'd won tickets (and backstage passes) to a David Bowie concert at Giant Stadium. He took me to it (he calls it our first date, 7 years before we started dating) and we took my car. In our haste to get to Will Call and backstage, Ed had me shut the car off at 8 volts.

We later came out to the car and it wouldn't start. Stadium security gave the car a jump, but wouldn't listen to me that I needed a couple of minutes hooked to their truck. It started, that's all they cared about. So, I had a car that ran, but the lights were dimmer than a 7 watt photography safelight and I drove it 50 miles home. It was the scariest drive of my life. You drive on the area's busiest roads at midnight with non functional lights and you'd be scared, too!

3. I am allergic to a lot of stuff to the point that my wonderful Nurse practitioner doesn't want to prescribe anything new! The Unna Boot? Normally, it begins with a layer of calamine soaked gauze. Problem? I am allergic to calamine, because it has iodine in it. Yep, allergic to iodine. Come to think of it, that may be why my doctors are willing to do some of those surgeries under local anethesia!

4. My left eye turns out. When I was very little, my brain shut off what images didn't match. This meant I had a huge blind spot. When I was younger, this resulted in 20/200 vision in that eye, but the right eye was 20/10. As I get older, the blind spot gets smaller and the vision is improving. If I read a regular eye chart, that eye is 20/80. If I'm allowed to read the chart one letter at a time, it's 20/30. Weird, huh?

5. When I switched to the major I'll be getting my degree in, I was the only female in the major and there were 20 of us in that program. My fourth semester, the only students left in the major from my year were me and the ex husband. Too much work for a lot of other people. Their loss.

6. Legacy and her husband managed a nightclub on Long Island when I was a kid. For a time, they lived at my mom's with Tracey and her brother (Tracey, we need to get you a nickname!). On paydays, sometimes they'd take Giggles, me and the kids up to the club with them so they could give out the checks.

Sometimes, there would be people on the stage doing soundchecks and practicing. One time, there was a guy with a piano, just noodling around. I'd just learned how to play some simple songs on a friend's piano and when the guy took a break, I asked if I could play the piano. (I was always drawn to other people's pianos when I was a kid). He said sure and asked if I played. I said I don't have one, but I just learned this cool song and started playing it.

And that is how I ended up playing "Heart and Soul" with Jonathan Edwards of "Sunshine" fame

7. I went to a job fair on a whim and had a company create a job for me. The local McDonald's franchise was hiring and I figured 'what the heck' and went to interview because I was making peanuts at the job I had at the time.

The owner of the franchise was really impressed by my resume and then my interviewing skills that he pitched a position for me: Personnel and Training Manager. Apparently, he'd wanted to create the position for years, but was waiting for the right person to walk through the door.

I went back to the other job and sat down with my boss and gave my notice. The two companies boosted my ego by getting into a bidding war! However, I left for McDonald's.

My first day on the job, who should show up but Ronald McDonald himself! That was really cool, and I've got a polaroid somewhere of me with him.

Okay, there's seven things...I don't think anyone can claim the same seven!

Hmmm, who to tag? I think I should help out my Blog 365 brethren, but I also think I need to tag Mandy (who should be in Blog 365, since she blogs every day, anyway!)

Tag, you're it! to:
Mandyland (this one should be fun!)
Mrs. Fussypants (proxy to Lotus, because I think Lotus would kill me if I tag her again!)
Lauren (who is one of my new favorite reads, need to add her to the linky thingy)
Mallory in the Middle (another new read!)
Born in a Zoo ( Bonnie, you've been a great read, too)
Functional Schmunctional (Grandy, you still have to do this cuz you're probably enjoying all the new reads!)
Imaginary Binky (this is a cheat, since Suzanne already tagged Sarah)

Now I've gotta go let everyone know that they're tagged. You can check on them later!


Suzanne said…
Well, you've gone and done it now, blog-twin-o'-mine: This is an EXCELLENT 7 Random Things, which means I'll be taggin' the wazoo outta you from now on! :)

But, like you said, these memes help out with the Blog365 thing in a BIG way, so hopefully you won't get too worn out. :)
Bonnie said…
I've shared my random and weird. Will you still read me? LOL
I promise, promise I'll do it!

When? Can't promise.

Do we have a time limit?

Workin' on it!

lOVE, Fussy
Mike Golch said…
I don't know if I was able to link you or not,But Tag you'r it.
Grandy said…
Hey you...I've finally got mi meme in there...Thanks for thinking of me and I'm sorry it took so long.

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