Like no time had passed at all...

The last time I saw Jenn was a few months after we'd moved to Florida. She was in town for a friend's wedding. We met over at Whispering Canyon and had a great time. The kids loved her (she is after all, an awesome aunt and was a Disney CM-kid at heart)

When she called late last week to tell me she would be in town, I crossed my fingers that my schedule would allow for an evening with her. The stars were in alignment (or I paid my karma bill this week) and I braved rush hour traffic to spend a few hours.

It's funny how life happens, things change in our lives, but some friendships can survive the intermittent contact as if no time had passed. The evening was full of tangents-we both had so much we wanted to talk about that sometimes we'd derail (me more than Jenn, I'm afraid).

Favorite authors, travel, jobs, family, life. Conversation kept going and going and going. As I expected, we laughed a LOT. She regaled me with stories of her recent cruise (yes, everyone on the planet but me and mine must have been on one!) and it was hilarious. She and the friends she traveled with will go on the next cruise as the Dumass family. (See? I told you she's funny)

Nights like these are few and far between, but I'll take them when they come up. Sometimes you need to spend a few hours with an old friend to recharge yourself.

Thanks, Jenn. I just hope that work brings you down here more often than every three years!


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