No Authority

I joined Technorati this week. It's pretty cool, all the blogs I have in my bookmark folder can be stored on there and it compiles posts for you. One stop reading, you can't beat it. However, I still click in the old way, but now I know when you all are writing.

One thing strikes me as funny. When I joined, I found someone already has me on their favorites list (thank you, Anna). It also give you an 'authority' ranking. For now, it is telling me I have no authority.

I guess they don't know me very well, No authority? Hmph-the nerve! Though every time I read "No Authority" I hear Cartman saying it.

Give me time, I'll crush them with my authoritay!


imaginary binky said…
Obey my authori-tie! (if you are a "South Park" fan).
Grandy said…
Hey, I've seen the "Technorati" thing floating...but I haven't jumped on the train. Remember my 60 day delay with the site meter?? ;)

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