A Present for Paula

My friend Paula is celebrating a milestone birthday in style in April. She's taking a Carnival Cruise! Lucky for me, she'll be departing from Tampa, so I will get to see Paula and her husband when they're in town.

The ship she will set sail on ports late Saturday night/early Sunday morning, so when I head to work on Sunday mornings, I get to see the ship and drool. If there was a rich relative to leave me money, the family would drive the few miles and sail on Celebrity, Royal Carribean, Carnival or Holland America-they all sail from Tampa. Alas, I don't think I will get aboard one of those ships anytime soon-much as I'd like to. I've got to pay for four of us, I don't think I can leave the kids home alone...

Today, you get to see the ship Paula will be on the end of April!

This is the intersection of Channelside Boulevard. Yes, you drive by the terminal and see all the ships a stone's throw from downtown Tampa. This is a little different from Port Canaveral, where the ships are off a ways from town (and Port Canaveral isn't a big town.)
Yes, the pictures are backwards, I'm too lazy to fix the order. It looks like you're going to drive right onto the ship. That glass arch to the left of the ship is the Florida Aquarium. The last time Ed and I were there, Gameboy was 2 and there was nothing at all over this way. Now, the terminals and Channelside bring thousands down here every week.

This traffic jam in front of me was caused by a doofus PARKING their Lincoln in the middle of the ONE LANE just past the traffic circle when there are huge signs that say you can't do that. (You can see ding dong's open trunk just abobe the Scion's mirror). Morons. My lesson was learned, don't come down here past 8:30 am on Sunday. The vacation daze is in full force and people do dumb crap like that.On the right hand side leading up to the port are some luxury condos. What could be better than to be within walking distance of Hooters and a good coffee place and to look out your window and see the ships in port?

Paula, wanna see some fishies when you're here?


Anonymous said…
Stopping by to acknowledge my gift!! Thanks for the pics Suzanne - and yes - we love fishies!!
klasieprof said…
I think I'd have a thing about the cruises..I like having my own set of wheels, etc.
However...I love the idea of the all inclusiveness of it...food, booze, massages, cute men, 00o-maybe they aren't included, just Eye candy!! LOL

The food poisoning...the dirty rooms...ICK. PASS.

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