VH-1 has a bunch of Nostalgia shows: I love the 80's, I love the 70's and the like. They've come to the realization that loving a decade doesn't go into enough depth, so now it's about specific years. Give them time, and it'll be "I love March, 1973."

Anyway, it's pretty funny to see artists around your age riff on stuff you lived through. However, I've got to wonder. They say if you can remember the 70's, you're too young. Be that as it may, I remember the 70's, but I do NOT remember celebrity bowling. That looks like the biggest waste of air time. Your opinion?

Oh, and they did touch on the fact that American Grafitti is a who's who of blockbuster movie stars of the 80's. If you've never seen it, rent it so you can say "look how young Richard Dreyfuss is!" "Holy moly, look at Harrison Ford" etc.

What gets me is that they didn't even mention Wacky Packs! Come ON people, that was the highlight of 1973! LOL!


Mike Golch said…
1973,let's see,I was two years out of high school,in the USAF,gor married the first time,and was sent on several TDY's(temporary duty assignments)since I was assigned to a depot level maintainance squadron.(the 2951 st C.L.S.S.) So there you have my 1973.
Grandy said…
Um...don't hate me...but in 1973 I was 1. Don't remember a whole lot.
imaginary binky said…
No. The highlight of 1973 is that one Sarah "Imaginary Binky" was born. Yes! haha.

I'd really like to know what Wacky Packs are.
I was a junior in High school, praying to God my draft number didn't mean a free trip to Vietnam. Some scary ass times in my life big time.


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