Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The two minute blog post

Speed posting today. I'll be heading over to Orlando after work and I'm not sure if I'll get back home in time to post before midnight.

That's right, Orlando. One of my former coworkers, Jenn, is in town for meetings and I haven't seen her in nearly four years. I have to go see my movie buddy, fellow Disney freak and finder of great authors! :) Not sure what's on tap except for a bunch of laughter-she's got a great sense of humor.

The leg still is driving me bonkers. At least now I've got Vicodin to help with the sleep issues. Try strapping a toddler to your ankle and walk around. Oh, and put clothing made of the itchy side of velcro on the kid so that your senses go into overload. That would be about what I'm dealing with right now. I thought Nurse M would give me a hard time and an "I told you so", but I think this would happen no matter how long I'd taken off from work.

Garlic Festival! Chef Jr really wants to get to the one in Gilroy California. I just found out there's one in Delray Beach in February. Interesting.

5 People talked back:

krissy said...

Hi there...

Found your blog from Fussy! You look like a fun person and I'll be sure to check back!

Your welcome to come visit me too! I'm new to this and so it's nothing fancy like some blogs out there!

Grandy said...

Hey, I've been to the garlic festival in gilroy several times. I used to live about 30 minutes from there. Maybe I could hook chef jr. up with a t-shirt from there??

Suzanne said...

That would be so awesome, Mary. I should send you a check. The child lives for garlic!

Are you still anywhere nearby? Next year, we're hoping to get to San Fran to visit friends.

Grandy said...

What size does he wear?? I'll work on it for you!!

Dens said...

Hi Krissy, I am a friend of Mary and I live close to where they have the Garlic Fest...It is in July each year..I know they have a website...I'll try to get more info for you.