Suzanne's Soundtrack Sunday: Novelties

Today, we take a field trip to some novelty songs that I've enjoyed over the years. First up, Joe Dolce. It's a nice, cute little song. You can't help but sing along, and that's the mark of a good novelty song. Even better, one that puts you in a good mood when you hear it. This one scores on both counts.

This one is a nice little song from the late 80's. Strangely enough, in the MTV age, I cannot find a video for it. I have to say that this video I found on You Tube serves the purpose well. It has good audio and the actor displays appropriate bewilderment at the story!

Dr. Demento is a treasure trove of novelty songs. One of the all time best was this one. The difference between T Bone's song and the previous two is that if you weren't an affecianado of Dr. Demento, odds were good that you never heard this gem. Today's your lucky day-you get to hear it now!

I hope you've enjoyed the field trip today.


Joyce-Anne said…
Just to let you know, my 14-month old loved that song. She was smiling, bouncing and dancing the entire time. And, I loved absolutely every minute of it!

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