School's In

Sometimes, I mention things in the blog that show how much obscure (or even popular) stuff I can tell you about from when I was very small.

1973 was a good year for many things, but some of my readers either were born in that year (hooray!) or weren't even born yet. Kinda like a date I had and he asked me where I was when Kennedy was assasinated. Uh, not born yet.

My warped idea of what is funny was probably shaped in part by Wacky Packages. What are they?
Stickers of modified real products of the day.

The best part of searching the net sometimes is that you find these images as part of a press release. The press release is appealing to the baby baby boomers-because Wacky Pack Flashback is going to hit the stores next month. Happy Happy, Joy Joy. Oh wait, wrong decade. Groovy, Far Out, and Dynomite!


Grandy said… need to go outside and get some air now funny lady! ;)
Mike Golch said…
well lets really show ones age,thanks for the trip down memory lane.(56 and counting for me!)LOL

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