Ed's Philosophy on Life, theorem one

It can be difficult living with a person who's view on life is so different from yours. I am an optimist/realist/pollyanna. Ed? He's a worrier/cynic/pessimist. We're both sarcastic and funny, so at least we agree on that front. :)

Anyway, his view on life is "No good deed goes unpunished." For a long time, I'd argue the point with him. Good deeds are rewarded, right? I'd offer proof, and he'd tell me they aren't.

Lately, I tend to think that maybe he's right. He'd done some good deeds that impacted his availability at work, and ultimately, they cut his hours down to one day a week. Never mind the explanation of why he wasn't going to be there.

The kids had bugged me back over the summer to buy a movie. I dragged my feet, because I didn't like the movie choice. Chef made a deal to get the movie, did his part and then I took them down to Wal Mart against my wishes because I had to do my good deed. On the way out, they asked for some Sonic slushies, and we rolled through the drive through.

When I made a left turn out of the parking lot, I nailed the median curb HARD. I rarely visited this Wal Mart or Sonic, and I didn't realize that there was this huge curb. I got a flat tire. The twenty dollar movie ultimately cost me 100 bucks when you factor in that tire. Which I still haven't put on the car-the spare is full size.

The other day, Ed had to do another good deed (yes, he does this a lot). On his way home, a rock his the windshield of the Jeep. It cracked. The crack is spreading-and spreading-and spreading. This was the icing on top of one party being bitchy to him (again) and one party feeling horrible for having to ask the favor (again). Once again, he's right. Doing something nice for someone else is going to cost us a new windshield. Cripes.

It won't stop me from doing good for others (nor him), but it sure makes us pissed when we keep doing good and it makes us spend money we don't have!


Bonnie said…
A bunch of friends and I got into a conversation the other day about hitting a curb/median resulting in popping off a tire. It happens more often than I realized.

Mine happened when I was going to pay a parking ticket. Our city has a winter parking ban from Nov-Apr. If I park for more than a 1/2 hour in front of my house, I am in violation. ONCE (yes ONCE), I forgot my truck was parked in front of my house the night. I was awake with all of the lights on in the house at 3am because I was going Christmas shopping at 4am. The ticket was timestamped 3:48. I would not have even bitched at all had there been any inkling of snow because that is the purpose of the parking ban ... "to aid in snow removal". I was going to city hall to pay that damn ticket when I slid into a curb because road to city hall was pure ice. It popped the tire off of the rim. I got the truck to a safe parking spot, called my brother to come to my rescue, paid my parking ticket and told them that I am going to be a winter parking vigilante from this day forward.
imaginary binky said…
Hmm. I'm not sure I prescribe to this theory. At least, I don't want to.

The tire popping thing is incredibly annoying. We did that on the way to the airport once. Yeah, with a small window of time before our flight, Phil took the bus home to retrieve the other car. Bleah!

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