Relative Brrrrr

When you move to Florida, there are things you leave behind. Like the winter coats, ice scrapers and other tools necessary for survival when the thermometer dips.

Folks, it is 35 degrees here right now and BREEZY. I've got two kids that do not have coats for this low a temperature and I have no clue where mine or Ed's have been packed away. Gloves and scrapers? I think we left those in Maryland, in the basement of the townhouse along with the sled.

It's a good thing to experience this every once in a while. It makes us realize that yes, we did make the right move because you know what? We hate the cold! I'm snuggled up in my thermal jammies after a warm bath and I'm about to make myself a nice cup of hot cocoa with a little nip of Golden Tango Cream in it.

In a few days, the weather will be more suited towards shorts and tees again. In the interim, I'll have a little more compassion for those who can't escape this weather. My only wish is that there had been some storm clouds along with this storm front. It would have been nice to capture pictures of *real* snow in Florida!

***squee-at 11:20pm, I had 37 hits. Good golly, miss molly!


Grandy said…
37 hits at 35 degrees!! Victory dance would be very good to do here for two reasons now!! ;)

Yeah you!!
daysgoby said…
An old credit card will do as a about socks for mittens?

What? I'm the only mom that does that??
Suzanne said…
I was trying to block that out of my memory! Though I used to use cassette cases-didn't carry plastic for a looooooong time!

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