The friggin itchy leg again! I'm here scratching, or trying to, but it's still driving me batty. Nurse M's suggestion this week was to take Benedryl. I can't do that when working, because the stuff makes me sleepy.

Topical lotions and ointments haven't worked so far. I've tried benedryl (burns like you would not believe), neosporin, bacitracin, eucerin, shea butter and diaper rash ointment. Still scratching. I'd like to try Gold Bond, but I'm afraid to-thinking that it might be as wonderful as the cortisone.

I tried the acticoat squares. That helped to dry things out-then caused an RSD flare because things got too dry.

I'm out of ideas, other than taking sandpaper or a sander to the ankle.

Frankly, I'm getting worried. If this keeps up, will I have new ulcers soon?


Grandy said…
There's a site called "Her Natural Beauty". I wonder if you could send an email to them and see what they recommend? There's another one at "Healing With Essential Oils" that might have something too?

Just a thought. Sorry for this SUCKS!!

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