I don't get it, I had plenty of sleep, but I'm still wiped out. I guess it's this whole damn leg thing.

Tomorrow's lunch hour will be spent waiting to see Nurse M. Based on how itchy the thing was last night, it's a safe guess that things are still raw and tender. Odds are great that I'll be in a new Unna Boot tomorrow. Ugh.

I 've got nothing else. Yeah, I could pull stuff off the topic list, but I don't even have the energy for it. More tomorrow.


paulapngg said…
Good luck with Nurse M today!!

<3, Paula
Bob said…
good luck. Hope you don't need the Una.
Mike Golch said…
Good luck with you leg,and if the una boot well that the una boot.
My wife is a type 1 diabetic and she has to watch her feet and legs all the time she has been in a una boot a couple times in the past.Hang in there kid!
Grandy said…
ACK! MAKE IT STOP!!! Please get better soon? I'm rooting for you!!

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