Challenging myself

So, I mentioned my resolves for this year. I'm not one for resolutions, so to makes some is a departure from the norm. I look at them more as goals to tackle. I'm good at goals. Goals I can do
There are a bunch of things I want to add to my goals, little and big. Many of my blogging friends are using this week to put forth their lists for the year. It's a good idea to write the goals down, to commit oneself to the tasks. While I am not as ambitious as making a list of 108, the list will get the strikeouts as I knock them off. I may even come back and add stuff to the list as the mood arises.

My list

1. Study for and take the American Government CLEP.
2. Study for and take the College Algebra CLEP.
3. Apply for the FAFSA
4. Apply to USF and start the process for taking the education prereqs.
5. Conquer Blog 365
6. Vacation in the Keys (at least two nights)
7. Get cracking on physical therapy for the leg
8. Get more active (thanks to the friends in the computer, I'm challenged on that front!) More activity that what work already requires.
9. Organize my closet and weed out the stuff that will get eBayed
10. Send the clothes that are too big to Lori and Tara (woohoo, too big, booyah!)
11. Find swim classes for Gameboy.
12. Upgrade Busch/Sea World passes to include Aquatica and Adventure Island. Completed 4/13
13. Leave a comment on three new blogs a day. (averaging 4 a day as of 2/18)
14. Try to find new friends on Blog 365 that Sarah hasn't gotten to yet! (as of 2/18, I've found about a half dozen-it's hard to find them before Sarah!)
15. Finally check out Lotus's 500 other blogs.
16. Finish filling out the SSDI stuff.
17. Have a yard sale. Had two with moderate results from the second. Still need to get rid of stuff, though.
18. Get the Saturn out of the driveway. Happened with the move
19. Prepare the recipes for NFNS.
20. Get hands on camcorder to tape audition for NFNS.
21. Write script for audition for NFNS.
22. Decide whether we're going for bigger Billy bookcases for the DVDs or finding a different means of storage. (as of 2/18, we're thinking of storing the CDs and using the Roi shelves for the DVDs instead. Update to come soon)
23. Go to the state fair. Did this 2/10/08
24. Go to the Strawberry Festival. Didn't happen because of the move
25. Go to a Messiah Sing In this year.
26. Go to a concert.
27. Visit Kennedy Space Center.
28. Visit the Aquarium. With Paula and Jeffrey
29. Scan and catalog pictures.
30. Visit Bill at least twice a month.
31. Hit 10000 posts on the DIS. Mission accomplished 2/17/08
32. Eat at Berns.
33. Visit Donna. Does Donna visiting us count?
34. Meet up with Tara at WDW.
35. Meet up with Paula and Jeffrey when they're in Tampa. Did this in April
36. Meet up with Beth and Dave when they're in Orlando.
37. Start the standing monthly dinner date with Jill. (first one on 2/20, Cheesecake Factory-woohoo!)
38. Write more thank you notes.
39. Go to the dentist.
40. Make strawberry syrup with this year's crop. Made 7 pints 1/10/08 yum
41. Go to Parkesdale Farms for the strawberry shortcake. Did this 1/9/08
42. Go to a drive in movie.
43. Update Wine and Foodies once a week. (maybe alternate weeks with Ed?)
44. Find out what I should be using as a guideline for deciding when to have the valve replacement in the leg. 2/20/08 Should do this when I can afford it, Dr. J thinks its a good idea to do it NOW
45. Schedule first nerve block on leg.
46. Vacation somewhere we haven't been before within a day's drive.
47. Don't forget the See's for Valentine's day. Did it for Easter instead
48. Request time off from work when the kids are on Spring Break.
49. Cut the soda down to once a week (hey, I got it down to one, sometimes two a day-a big improvement)
50. Switch to Wordpress or Typepad once I've got 50 hits every day on the blog.
51. Get 50 hits a day on the blog! 2/22/08 52 HITS!!! 97 HITS!!!! 4/20/2008 over 400 hits one day in May!!
52. Meet up with Joyce, Tim and family when they're here in February. (woohoo!) 2/18/08
53. Meet up with Richaroo when she's down here. Did this in May

That's not all inclusive, but it's a good start.


Gypsydoodlebug said…
DAMN. I need a drink just READING this list.

Seriously, though, you can do it! Some are little, some are bigger, but they're all attainable! Good for you!
Anonymous said…
What a list! Um, did you forget to include a visit to see Joyce, Tim and their kids when they're in FL? I couldn't help but notice it was left off the list. I'm sure it was just an oversight. ;-)
Suzanne said…
It was an oversight. It has been fixed. :)

Anyone else coming to visit that I can add to this list? Walt Disney World is less than an hour away!

(Oh yeah, possibly going to see Lotus's husband play at the Strawberry Festival!)
Grandy said…
Keeping up with Lotus' blogs will be a feat in itself! Please make sure to keep us posted as you knock these things off your list. ;)
Thirty said…
This is a great list. I love drive-in movies and we haven't been in a few years. As soon as the snow melts I think it might have to be added to my own list!
rich said…
I don't do resolutions myself, but I like the idea of listing goals - I probably should do the same...I won't but I probably should. :)

I'd complain that you didn't include catching up with me when I come down to FL, but since it's not definite at the moment I won't. ;) I'll let you know if and when (ironically it could be the around the same time as J&T).
Anonymous said…
Great list and I'm proud to be a part of it!!!

#35 - that's me!!!!!

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