So Long, Farewell, Auf Weidersein, Adieu...Bonjour, Hola, Hello

Today is the first day of a new year, Two thousand GREAT as a colleague put it this morning.

It's also the first day of Blog 365 AND the last day of Holidailies. I liken in to running a time trial in November, then another in December with Holidailies. Now I'm about to embark on the marathon, 365 (or 6) days of blogging.

At the end of it, I am hoping to be energized, with no one complaining that I should have cut my losses and quit the damn thing in June. Another hope is that I make a bunch of new friends for the effort. There's a dozen or so people that I check in on every day, thanks to the sprints. You can say I'm spoiled by Mandy and Lotus, because they write every day, too.

Now there are another 600 or so people to check out every day. Not that I'll check them all every day, but I'll probably find some new writers (or in one case, sketcher-hi Steven) to add to the 'must read' tab on the toolbar. Over the course of the year, it works out to checking just less than two new blogs per day.

Curious? You should be! Go over to and see what's going on. If you find me, you'll find my fellow blogger friends on my page.

The big question is how long will it take for me to get to my personal goal of 50 regular hits a day? Once I do, my little corner of the blogosphere will be picking up stakes and paying for a site!

So, goodbye Holidailies. You provided a lot of training for the marathon ahead. You brought me daily readers (hi, strangers-you can comment-I won't bite!) and some great reading. Hello, Blog365. You seem like an old friend (that Ning thing), yet new at the same time.



Mallory said…
Cool! Nice to meet you! I am going to do 365 too. I think I'm kind of crazy for committing to it.
Grandy said…
Mallory and Suzanne, you are BOTH crazy! Good for you both, however!!!

Hey Suzanne, I signed up for the sitemeter thing that you have on your site, and for some reason it tells me I never have anyone at my site...even though there are comments there?? Any thoughts??
Suzanne said…
Not sure about that, Mary. Mine sometimes shows people as being here 00 seconds, but I think that has something to do with their browser settings. I read fast, but even I can't read my entries in nanoseconds, lol!

It's pretty cool once you do start tracking. You can see who's reading at 3am, who's reading when they say they arent and know when you've got fresh readers. (I do the happy dance for the last one!)

Even better is when you recognize a far flung place show up once, then again a week later, then a couple of days later and before you know it, they're reading every day. Alas, they're scared of me because they DON'T COMMENT!
Grandy said…
Wow...that's cool!! Ok, I may have figured it out. I didn't previously have it linked right on my site. Hopefully this will show something now.

Thanks for the feedback!! Maybe I'll get to be doing some happy dances too. :)
imaginary binky said…
Your colleague is far too optimistic. Is this the same person that would probably say, "Oh, looks like you have a case of the Mondays!"?

Good luck on the bloggy blogginess! I'm going to invest in a nice Hemingway-type sweater and a case of speed in order to get through it. Who needs a vice? Me!
Suzanne said…
No, I suspect that part of his holiday revelry included some illegal controlled substances. He was far too chipper this morning. I'm the store Pollyanna with a healthy dose of snarky thrown in to keep them on their toes.

How about an IV drip of coffee for the next twelve months. "Amos, why does your mom shake like she's being electrocuted?"
Anonymous said…
Regular posting is the single most important thing for the success of a blog. So while Blog 365 appears painful it will be well worth the effort. I wouldn't be surprised if you surpass your traffic goal within a month. I am glad you found me and my blog through Blog 365 - I need the moral support!
Sandy C. said…
Wow! You're awesome :) I totally failed Hollidailies :) But I have hopped on the coo-coo train at Blog365!
Thanks for stopping by!
Anonymous said…
Suzanne, being new to the blogosphere, how do I get a counter that records hits to my site?
Suzanne said…
Just click on the "sitemeter" button on the right. It'll show you how to sign up for your own. It's free, but they do have a pro version. I don't need to know THAT much about who's visiting, though!

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