Full Moon Fever and the requisite leg update

If you don't subscribe to the theory that wacky people get a little nuttier during the full moon, I offer you these tidbits:

1. Phone rings at the store "Is Maria there?" We have no Maria working for us. When told no, "Okay, I guess her name *is* C." What the heck? So, someone calls you with a latin accent, then they must be named Maria?

The woman then goes on to ask why C called her. Didn't she leave a detailed message? "Yeah, but I want to know WHY?" Doesn't her message explain why she's calling? "But I never spoke to her before in my life and I've never been in your store."

I call C at home and she tells me what the message was and that yes, the woman had been in the store earlier that day. I call the woman back, and she insists she's never been in our store and to stop the charges on the items C called her about. I said "Ma'am, she didn't charge you for any items, she just told you how we could get the items you'd inquired about." So now this woman is insisting an identity thief has been in our store and that we should take every customer's driver's license with credit cards so that we don't take her card from the identity thief.

I explain that we don't take credit card numbers without the cards being in the store-that perhaps she should check her wallet to see if her cards are missing and if they are, she should contact the credit card companies and CANCEL the cards. No, she tells me I need to check ID on everyone who shops in my store. Riiiiiiight. She has no clue how many people shop in my store every day!

2. Phone rings. "Can I speak to Jessica?" Uh, there's no one here by that name. "Well she called me from there a few minutes ago." I'm very sorry, I don't have anyone by that name on my staff. "So, is this 111-1111?" No. "Why would she leave me that number?" Maybe she'd like you to call her back at that number (NOTE: It is in no way close to our phone number or our sister store across town's number).

"What's your other location's number?" I give it to her. "Is there a Jessica there?" I'm sorry, I don't know if there is, why don't you call them? "Would they tell me what that number is?" How bout you call them and find out, okay?

Yeah, I've had quite a few weird phone calls like those. Not as weird as Grandy's post, but definitely stuff to make you scratch your head!

Oh, I'm in an "Unna Boot Lite" as Nurse M called it. No compression, zinc oxide and itchy as all get out. The ulcer is closed, but we both agree that the fact that this is an incision site from the vein stripping in '05, I'll probably be dealing with this repeatedly.

To make things amusing, Nurse M says, "what about the pink wrap?" when Nurse D and I were going through my spa treatment ;). Nurse D was quite comical in saying no no! NO NOOOOOO! We are NOT putting that anywhere near her leg! It's funny (and sad) that we go through the laundry list of things that I can't use that would probably make me more comfortable.

I go back on Thursday and we'll re assess how it is looking. Part of me wants to cut this thing off now and start with a new one tomorrow. I'll be good and leave it on.


Grandy said…
Do you know why someone would give me this phone number?

I like it!! A full moon indeed, funny lady!!! Whew...I'm playing "The Freaks come out at night" song in my head as I type. ;)

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