My wacky family

Tonight, while eating dinner, Chef Jr comes up with this pearl of wisdom:
"I'm weird, but I'm happy" Yep, that about sums all of us up. He was happy because he got clam chowder for dinner and got to enjoy my clam strips along with it.

On the way home, Ed did his spot on impression of Zorak from Space Ghost while we were all talking about something. The kids laughed the whole way back to the house. Once in the door, Chef was talking about houw his clam and chowder meal was great, the only thing that would be better would be more clams. Ed says so you want "clams, clams, clams, clams baked beans and clams?" and I chime in singing like the bloody vikings "Clams clams clams clams LOVELY CLAMS, wonderful clams, LOVELY CLAMS wonderful clams"

Child goes and gets ready for bed and Ed asks if I think Chef is ready for his first visit to a raw bar. Gameboy voices his funny bit "he's ready for a crowbar?"

Yep, we're nuts. At least we embrace it!


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