Owww, again

I told Nurse M to wrap the boot tighter than last time. She didn't want to, worried that I'd have an RSD flare. My thinking was that I'd rather have the RSD flare than scratch the skin and slow down any healing that might occur.

It's frustrating that I have to decide which I'd rather do, have an RSD flare or scratch myself into further injury.

Did I choose well? I don't think so, but then, I'd probably be saying the same thing if I was here scratching this damn leg.

This sucks.


thank you!! you are most welcome to join in...every saturday!!!
have an awesome day!
Kelly said…
Hi there. Thank you for doing the body love challenge. When you have the post up, send me an e-mail at kd7200@optonline.net I want to link directly to the post from my post.
Thank you so very much.
Kelly at Ordinary Art.

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