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I asked you all to delurk and only a few did-not even my hubby commented on that one. Do I really scare you all that much? I see hits from Lakeland; New Jersey; Michigan; England and a bunch of other places on a regular basis but have never seen a comment! (I see Kissimmeee now, too and I think that's because Jill is reading from her boyfriends house-cool!)

A blatant request for comments hasn't worked, so now I ask about something blog related. I've mentioned several times that my goal is 50 hits a day then I can justify going to a pay site. I'll be bugging Jeff for some help on the URL front, since he does that for a living. The thing that I'm pondering is the name.

Yes, I thought (and still think) the blog name was good, but not practical for a pointer or URL. You don't want to type all that, do you? Suzanne Sez bothers me because of the typo (and I thought says was taken, but my blog twin proved me wrong!). I don't want to name the blog that because it's not me. It's plain vanilla when I want rocky road!

I came up with a name the other day, but I want to know if its dorky. Suztenance, a play on my name and sustenance. What do you think? You're the ones who read, you should have some input.

Maybe I'm over thinking this. I want something witty and easy to type. Is that too much to ask?


Anna said…
Hi there,

I didn't find the delurking post, but this is a good one, too.

I know what you mean about the perfect URL, it is hard to know exactly what you want, since it is YOU! What are some of your other ideas besides suztenance? I confess I think that might be easy to mispell, at least I would stumble over it.
It could be though, that you are trying to attract a higher caliber of readers, so if so, plan well launched!
Joyce-Anne said…
Sorry, I read the de-lurking blog and didn't comment. With 3 little ones it's not always easy to find even a few minutes to leave a note. That said, I kind of like suztenance. But, I wonder, what other ideas are out there.
Bonnie said…
I'm the lurker from Michigan!!!

If you want a supercalifr... whatever long URL, then go for it. You will link to it, I will click on it, then I will bookmark it. Easy-peasy and no typing involved on my end.
Sandy C. said…
De-lurking!!! Sorry I didn't see the original post....but wanted to say "hi" :)
Suzanne said…
Thanks for saying HI! I feel so loved!

I'll probably figure this thing out-maybe 2percentgirl or something like that.

Joyce, I *know* you're reading, because we talk all the time about what I write. You get the 'bonus blog' stuff, the stuff I want to write about but can't, lol.

Bonnie, that's so sweet that you'll make sure to bookmark me. I'm loving your posts, girl. You've got such a great outlook on life.

Sandy, I've got to catch up on you, lady. I finally made a Blog 365 folder on my toolbar for all my friends-and will be good about commenting on your blog, too!
Grandy said…
You ARE loved Suzanne!! I like what you have, but also like your suggestion. How's that for wishy washy? I don't know how many "hits" I get as a result of my title, but I like the play on words itself. ;)
Suzanne said…
Mary, your title stuck with me because it's so funny. Now that I know you, it is SO very you!

I've got a few months to ponder this on. It's weird, I can come up with nicknames for everyone else, but when it comes to something sarcastic and/or witty for me, it just doesn't happen.

The DNA should be called into to action here-Giggles shares that wonderful nicknaming gene that our Dad had-I should bug her!
Kaoscapt said… know I always make my blog comments in person. You are after all just in the next room...

Suzanne said…
That is true, but why should all these people miss out on the funny ass things you say?
I love Suztenance. Very witty and memorable.
Oops. I know I'm late. Being without wireless (and thus having to steal internet time from my live-in computer nerd) meant that I got way behind on the blogs.

Still in the process of catching up. You know I lovx0rz your blog, though : D

--Kate @ pwning adulthood (sortofgrownup.blogspot)

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