Suzanne's Soundtrack Sunday

This week, we experiment with the iPod. A lovely invention, it allows me to carry many of my favorite cds along with me where ever I travel without getting a hernia.

I love the playlist feature and use it often. This way, I get my disc jockey longings out of the system. (ahh, if only my career as a radio dj were more profitable, I'd still be doing it!)

The other night, when driving over to Orlando, I plugged the iPod in and listened to it in shuffle mode. For some people, that might mean a good mix of ska, prog, jazz, blues or show tunes. For me, it can mean all of those and more come out of the speakers-and it did.

Today, I will hit shuffle and tell you what comes forth. Come with me on a journey of the eclectic:

1.Alone-Wilson Phillips . I love their harmonies and songs. I won this one from the in store promo discs when I worked at The Wall. My coworkers weren't as enamored of it as I was. They all coveted the XTC Nonesuch and Concrete Blonde discs that I also won. Lesson learned for my coworkers-don't play music trivia against me!

2.My Cruel Ways-Basia. I have given up on hearing a new album from her. She and her collaborator, Danny White, are such perfectionists that it'd take three years to get a new album from them. It's a shame, because they produce some great uptempo, multilayered modern jazz.
This comes from her third album, The Sweetest Illusion, probably my favorite of all the discs.

3.Don't Ask Me Why
- Billy Joel. Of course, I have to have Billy on the iPod! I have most of his library on vinyl. Don't ask me why I haven't seen him in concert yet. Perhaps now that I no longer live in the NY metro area, I won't have to pay a scalper to get a ticket to a show.

4.Scenes from an Italian Restaurant- Billy Joel. Why does the iPod DO this? Two songs from the same artist back to back? Great song. No, she's not Brenda Ranetti! I know where the Village Green is, and the Parkway Diner, too. Billy's a Hicksville boy, but he hung out on the northern fringes of Levittown, apparently. The Nylon Curtain cover? It's northern Levittown.

Of course, it'd be pretty funny if the next song was one of Alexa's!

5.Talk Walk Drive- Julia Fordham. I tend to listen to Porcelain more often than Swept, but she could probably sing the phone book and I'd like it. She's got a reedy voice and goes for a large band sound with some latin rhythms.

6.Stand and Deliver- Adam Ant. I had to pick up Antics in the Forbidden Zone a few years back. No fan of the early days of MTV would blame me!

7. On the Case- Acoustic Alchemy. Jazz, any jazz is good in my book. Back on the Case was a staple of early 90's light jazz stations. Nice simple music, simply produced.

8. We Hep Cats- Joe Jackson. When I bought the Beetle, my CDs were back in Maryland with Ed. I was enjoying the XM, but I still needed to pick out a disc to pop in the player. Joe was the first to be played.

9. On the Road Down- Robert Cray. It's a good thing that you can't wear out CDs from frequent play like you can LPs, otherwise I've Been Warned would have been worn out long before it got uploaded to the iPod. Interesting fact, Robert plays in Otis Day and the Knight's band in Animal House.

10. Dance With My Father- Kellie Coffey. One of the mere dozen songs purchased from iTunes. My Disney friends will know Kellie as the vocalist of "We Go On" and "Promise" from IllumiNations at Epcot. She's become a successful country singer. This one is beautiful. I'd been pointed to another one of her songs by some friends. Why this one? Well, if you're missing your dad, you can relate. (Note to self-pick up the albums already!)

Wow, that didn't even hit up Carmina Burana or Carnival of the Animals. Both got hit up pretty heavily the other night.

Okay, song 11? Alexa Ray Joel's "Now It's Gone." Somehow, the iPod seems to pair father and daughter. You can hear dad's influence, but she's her own woman.

Hmmm, now what do I do for next week's Soundtrack Sunday? Discuss a favorite soundtrack?

Addendum: I'm sitting and listening in the buds. Three songs later, The Stranger. Then a Beauty and the Beast song and now, "Where's the Orchestra?" one of my favorites from the Nylon Curtain. It's interesting how out of roughly 200 discs uploaded so far, it will gravitate towards four or five by one artist.


klasieprof said…
Robert heartthrob. I have been with him in concerts a couple times. as he sings, I KNOW he was thinking bout' me.

Phone Booth, strong persuader...all helped me get through nasty part with ex. Robert, helped heal my hurtin heart. and what a damn fine job he did too. Like WHY was I crying over a cheating Preacher man? awwck. I remember one day...just SAYING, "I am DONE". And pretty much I WAS.
thanks Robert!!
word verification: sqpdhrps= the healing sounds hearts make.
Suzanne said…
Robert is good for writing songs that make you think what you're dealing with isn't so bad.

Suzy Bogguss, Trisha Yearwood and Garth Brooks were my left field artists that got me through my cheating ex.

Music was my therapy, I'd be in the stock room at work processing freight and belting out those songs to get me through.

Yes, he WAS thinking about you-he must have been!

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