Did I Pick a Dud Book?

I found a book I'd wanted on eBay for a great price (Ain't Mythbehavin' by Katie MacAlister). The seller had another 90 or so books for sale at great prices (under 2.50 a paperback and cheap shipping). I decided to peruse the list. Scored one of the Mary Higgins Clarks that I'd borrowed from the library but never owned and then got The Shipping News by Annie Proulx. Tonight, to soothe the itchy leg, I went for a soak in the tub and brought the Shipping News for a read.

It is a tough read. She writes in an extremely disjointed style. It's almost as if someone wrote like Bill Shatner acts, in short,staccato sentences. I'm 50 pages in and *confused*. I am hoping it gets better, because it had darn good reviews when it came out, and then the movie had tons of raves, too.

Is this one of those rare books where the movie is better?

I hate abandoning books. I'm giving this one another 50 pages to prove itself and catch my interest.


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