Two down, 50 something to go...

Yesterday, Ed and I had the lunch of champions: Strawberry Shortcakes from Parkesdale Farm Market. It's not winter until you've had one of these scrumptious things.

Apparently, we weren't the only ones who thought it was a good idea to have them, we were in a huge line with a lot of senior citizens. I think everyone else had at least 20 years on us. What can I say, we're wise beyond our years, lol. The wait got us these two bowls:

One thing that's weird here is that you order your shortcakes, then you have to traverse the busy, busy farm market and all the other people to get to the 'Garden of Eatin'' tables on the other side of the building. It'd make more sense for the two to be right next to each other, but hey, I'm just the customer.

Here's my bowl by itself before digging in. Ed couldn't wait, he was already enjoying his.
Scratch one off the big list. Actually, scratch two off, because I bought a half flat of strawberries and I'm about to make the strawberry syrup. I even got mason jars for it this time. No half gallon jugs in the fridge for a few months. I'm thinking of using almond extract in this year's batch. Decadent.


klasieprof said…
I use almond extract a lot, as in a little larger amount it actually tastes like Cherry.
Yum YUM.

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