I promise I won't bite...much

Two of my blogging must reads (Sangria Lover and Thirty before 30) both have stated that this is Delurking Week. So, those of you who read and never comment (and you know who you are), it is your turn to say something.

Audrey asked where readers would live, other than the US, if money were no object. Anna's question was to ask HER a question. Me? I want to know your favorite food and/or favorite drink. If not that, your favorite restaurant. Why? Because food is life, people!

So, come one, come all-share a little love and comment!

Oh, wait, you want me to go first? Fair enough. Favorite food? Prime Rib. Favorite Drink? Southern Comfort with ginger ale and pineapple juice. Favorite restaurant? That's going to be broken down into NY, Maryland and Florida. NY-The Maine Maid. Maryland-(tie) The Brown Pelican and Barley and Hops. Florida-'Ohana, followed closely by Mojitos.


daysgoby said…
Favorite food - shrimp. (Don't make me go all Forrest Gump here.)
Favorite drink - Margaritas on the rocks.
Favorite restaurant - hum. Lane's. Seafood to make you cry, and all off the boat that morning.

Hi! I'm Jess. I'm on Blog365 (aka What-the-hell-am-I-DOING) too.
Bonnie said…
I've only been visiting you since you became a friend on Blog365.

I am horrible at commenting and made it a resolution of mine to make at least 1000 comments this year. Delurking Day is helping me catch up for the year so far.

Favorite food: I cannot chose one love over the other. Favorite drink: beer, but I am allergic to hops ... so when I start sneezing from beer, I switch to sloe gin & sour or vodka & cranberry ... both on lots of ice ... or some other mixed drink or a tasty wine ... I also consume gallons of water and a 1/2 pot of coffee every day. Favorite restaurant: Ferdinand's Mexican Cantina or The Saloon.
Grandy said…
Hey there Suzanne...you know I'm rarely short on words.

Favorite food - Sushi
Favorite Drink (of the month) - Pina Colada
Favorite Restaurant - Sushi? Does that count for two? Is that cheating??
Anonymous said…
Definitely a good way to delurk!!

Favorite drink:
1. Hot: coffee
2. Cold: water
3. Treat: Starbucks White Chocolate Mocka Frapacchino (with whipped cream of course)
4. Alcoholic: Yukon Jack and diet coke, beer, wine (fruity ones)

Favorite food:Turkey dinner and any freshly baked bread or cookie.

Favorite restaurant: Tavern on Main - Chepachet, RI

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