Yet another leg update

I am here refreshed from a three hour nap. Why did I need a nap? Because the leg kept me up yet again. I got two hours sleep yesterday. Well, I could have gotten three, but Ed and I were talking about crap that is really ticking us off right now for an hour past when I actually was getting sleepy.

Here's what's going on. I've got a raw patch of new skin about two inches in diameter. It's tender and it is FUCKING ITCHY! You know I don't have a potty mouth, but this thing is driving me insane. I was instructed to keep this site hydrated.

The problem lies in doing this. My sensitive skin is bothered by so many things that I'm using triple antibiotic ointment or bacitratin. Nurse M had said regular lotion will do, but man, that makes this thing feel like it is on fire. I got the bright idea one day to use benedryl ointment. Thanks to the MoFo Cortisone Allergy, I can't even consider that for treating the itch. The skin is so fragile, I can't effectively scratch, either.

I went the other extreme last week. I didn't put anything on it, so that what ever irritants my body was making to battle the moisture would dry up. It helped somewhat-it's better dry than moist-to a point. After four or five days, it looks like the dandruff from hell patch on the ankle. The sahara seems like it's got tons of water in comparison.

The trick is to find some balance, to get the damn thing to stop being so itchy. I'm stuck with this patch that won't get smaller until I can keep it moist AND stop scratching.

As a result, I get the RSD flares and insomnia. Fun. I'm at a loss for how to break the cycle. Since it's healed skin, the Oasis stuff won't work. I'm thinking of trying one of the Acticoat squares I have. It can't hurt, and at least I know I'm not allergic to THAT.

Hoping to sleep tonight...


Grandy said…
Oh Suzanne, I'm so sorry you're going through this. I can ONLY imagine, having many episodes of "bizarre" skin afflictions, as the doctor has put it.

Hang in there!!

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