Making the Googlers happy

The sitemeter is a pretty nifty thing. I can see where people are coming from to read the blog, as well as how they were referred here. Donna shows as Phoenix and Jeff shows as Virginia's Eastern Shore, so it's not exact.

For instance, Mandy, Grandy and Lotus gave me linky love, so I see when people come here after visiting those fine ladies. Lately, there are a couple of hits a day from Blog 365. Several times a week, there are hits from Google.

It's strange to see what people are searching for that lead them to me. Some of the searches:
The Florida State Bird
Kenny Everett DIY Bee Gees Kit
Tripods Movie
Bob Pucci (someone's looking my high school's marketing teacher?)
Ikea Billy Bookcase DVD use
Raw patches around the corner of mouth
How to get him to call you when you don't talk
Unwrapped Hot Tamales are Mike and Ike rejects
and quite a few more, those are just in the past few weeks.

I get hits for a lot of things that include 'phone call' in the query (some just seem really sad, folks). Lately, though, I've found a lot of medical hits. That "Flick of the Wrist" entry recently has definitely drawn in quite a few people. I get hits for Venous Stasis Ulcer pictures. Be glad that those words are all in the blog, but no pictures.

Last week and the week before, I had hits for 'unna boot+picture'. Those two things are all over the blog, but no actual pictures. Until today, that is. I can finally provide what they're looking for, my pain is someone's gain.

The itchiness has reached a fever pitch. Last night, I soaked in the tub and reapplied some triple antibiotic ointment and a gauze pad. It didn't help much and I spent another night struggling to get some sleep. The RSD and itchy skin prevented me from getting shut eye.

This morning, I had to head into work early for a meeting. The leg was bad enough that I brought a paper towel to gently rub the leg, wick the moisture off the leg and not use my fingernails to further damage the skin. My fellow managers, who have seen this thing in bad and good, were all concerned at how bad it looks.

As I was leaving, one of our associates, a former nurse, asked about it and took a look. It was then that I noticed that the site of the smaller ulcer was starting to open again. I picked up the phone and called Nurse M. Monday is a clinic day and the offices are five minutes from work.

I decide to just head over there and the nice receptionist (rfkatgba) tells me the clinic hours start at 1pm (it's just before 11am). She gives me the numbers of the two department secretaries and I get through to one. She tells me to sit tight, they'll get a room ready. She calls back to rfkatgba and they set me up.

I had spoken to Nurse M last week about the issue. Now that I see this ulcer forming again, I don't want to fool around. She comes down to see me, and agrees. This is the beauty of not being overdramatic-if I am coming in, it's for good reason.

The end result is that I'm now in another Unna Boot. I'd asked what the criteria will be to decide on that valve surgery and now Nurse M is gathering information. If I'm going to have chronic ulcers, well, that is a good sign that I should have the surgery. Next week, I'll find out more on that front.

For now, I've got something for the googlers. A picture of the lovely and attractive Unna Boot:

(and someone looking for the Unna's Boot Pictures, but that was an abberation)

I suppose I should step up that SSDI application. Nurse M and rfkatgba both expressed their opinion about my career and health status. It sure seems like the points Nurse M made when I last saw her held true-that this leg may not cooperate, even if I am following her treatment guidelines.

No marathons for me anytime soon. I suppose I should cancel that appointment to meet up with the modeling agency, too. Bummer.


klasieprof said…
DO the application and if denied, immediatly apply again. I had offenders (Felony Convicted)...who would get SSI for Being drunks, and drug addicted.
Typically they were denied...about the 4 application they'd be accepted.

I"m so sorry for your leg. I had the nastiest shit all over last fall on my blog..I went to ER twice as I literally thought I was going to go insane with the itching.
Suzanne said…
Well, fortunately no running is required for this: I've tagged you for 7 Random and Weird Facts About Me over at my blog. :)

I hope the itching stops NOW - that would drive me bananas! Not to mention the pain.
Grandy said…
Suzanne, I'm going to have to research the sitemeter thing. I have it on my site, but hadn't realized how to see where they come from. It took me 2 months to figure out how to show people were coming to my site.

Nuff bout that...get better soon...k??

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