I have an interview December 4th. Wednesday, I applied online for a retailer I've shopped in for years. I think the cover letter did it. In the letter, I spoke of why I'm a fan of that retailer and have been for years.

Three years of blogging has made me comfortable enough in my writing abilities that I went for an offbeat letter. It seems like nowadays, with online job searches and minimal phone or in person contact, job applicants have to do something to make themselves stand out. I think I found mine.

The benefit to this one is that they have locations in both Tampa and Orlando. Cross your fingers.


Wishing you much luck, even though you won't need it, b/c you rock.

Suzanne said…
Aww, shucks! It's weird that 20 years of retail management hasn't been enough to get me more than a couple of interviews in three months.
Grandy said…
Right ON!! Congrats on the interview!!!
Saffa Chick said…
I reckon it's economic downturn messing with your prospects... so well done YOU on even landing an interview! Good luck!

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