Video From Sea World

Yesterday, I played with the video feature on Donna's camera. I only realized it did video right before we taped my NFNS audition.

One thing that's a given when we're at Sea World is that the kids want to see the Stingrays and Shark Encounter. We get real laughter when Gameboy pets the stingrays and I caught some of that on film (SD card?). There is a lot of ambient noise, so it's hard to hear him.

Thus, I spent the rest of the day filming things. Now that I've got some editing programs, I'll be editing it down into a couple of minutes of all the animals you'll see. I got most of the Blue Horizon show, too. Next time? Both batteries need to be in the bag and fully charged.

In the meantime, I leave you with this: Is this a lettuce or is it a fish? Filmed at Shark Encounter yesterday. (Ed and I love watching these guys!)


Mike Golch said…
it is a very weird looking fish.

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