Another Day at Sea World

We spent the afternoon over at Sea World. It's the first time we've seen it with holiday decorations up. I was playing with the video with Donna's camera and ran out of battery-so I'll have to go back to get more pictures soon!

First up, Manta is moving along. It's supposed to open in May, and wow, they're moving fast. Last time we were in the park, a month ago, there were two support beams up. Now? Look!

We always have a good time petting the stingrays. Gameboy is guaranteed to give plenty of real laughter.

I'm playing with the different image modes on the camera. I still haven't figured out how to take pictures of the dolphins underwater.

While Ed and I were looking at the fish that look like lettuce, the kids got into a staring match with two barracudas. No joke, they were eye to eye. I know Chef was looking at his thinking "dinner!", but the barracuda was probably thinking the exact same thing! Here's Gameboy in a staredown with the predator.

All Aboard the Polar Express! They did an incredible job overlaying Wild Arctic to mirror the movie. It was cool, when you walked onto the 'train platform', the air was FULL of pine fragrance. There's an opportunity to have your picture taken with Santa. Gameboy wanted to, but then changed his mind when he saw the line. He later told me "I don't believe what they say that your parents are Santa." Yep, 12 and he's a believer.

The cherry on top was the cheesecake for the kids and the complimentary beer for me and Ed. Shock Top then we each tried a seasonal beer. I probably should have stuck with the Shock Top!

It was a nice day with family. You may even see some video from the day, once I edit them down a bit...


daysgoby said…
Sounds like a great day!

I wanted to tell you your header always makes me smile - great pictures of you and Ed and your boys are so cute!
nice photos. glad you had a good day.
ligirl said…
So glad you all had such a great day! (Wish I could say I was surprised that the battery on my camera died...that camera has the shortest battery life I have ever seen!) Still can't wait to see the video from it, though!

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