Tagged Again

This time, Grandy tags all of her readers for Seven Things About Me From (are you ready for this?)...High School. This seems kind of fitting, since I've recently gotten reacquainted with high school friends on Facebook.

Let's see, what do I want to share today...

1. I was in choir. Lots of choir classes. Sophomore year, that meant the Sophomore Choir, the audition choir and then the Girl's Barbershop (I forget what we called it.) That also was the year that in one choir rehearsal, I went from Soprano II, to Alto I, then II, then Tenor I! For the most part, I stayed a Tenor, occasionally singing Alto or Soprano and for one concert, Bass. (I think I was the only person in the history of our choir to sing all four vocal parts in one concert!)

Junior and Senior year, due to declining enrollments, I spent my lunch period participating in Sophomore Choir-for no class credit! But it meant that I performed with all the groups at the concerts! If you're wondering, this meant 1.5 hours of class time each day singing in choir, then 2 hours after school three times a week AND voice lessons. (Yes, I still love to sing!)

2. I was in Drama, too. In three years, I got 3 lines. Woohoo I later found out my forte was behind the scenes and majored in Technical Theatre in College. I still had a good time hanging out in the Little Theatre and making deli runs and staying through when we did any of our six productions each year. A roast beef on a hard roll reminds me of those days! The afternoons not at Choir practices were usually spent in the Little Theatre.

3. I had to take Geometry and Social Studies over several times. This was because school started way too early for my liking and I missed first and second period a lot. The last time I took both, I had Regents test scores in the 90's.

4. Study? What's that? This pissed people off to no end (like Joyce's sister in my grade), that I ranked pretty high in my class without ever cracking the books. Imagine if I had bothered to actually do the work!

5. Senior year, thanks to cutting so many gym classes, I had daily gym. My wrists were already really bad and the arthritis was diagnosed in my knees, so I had adaptive gym. This meant that for senior year, I was Coach P's secretary. The only time I suited up for gym the entire year was when we played floor hockey-bad knees be damned.

6. I spent a lot of time in the guidance office, hanging out with the counselors-except my own. He didn't get me, but the others? They were great. The few visits after graduation, Mr. S and Ms. R would want to catch up with me. Somehow, I ended up on my college's poster that they sent to the high schools (a very skinny and sunburned Suzanne, with bad 80's hair and a culture club inspired shirt behind the mic at the radio station) and they circled me on the poster and put up a note 'Alumna Suzanne!"

7. Our school had a program where if a teacher had to be absent, there could either be a substitute or you could go on 'Sub Plan'. The budget dollars allocated to subs went to this program, and each day, there would be a live program (a lecture or activity), a movie, or you could go to the Library or a Study Hall. I was on the Sub Plan staff and we made the posters and dittos for the activities each day.

Hanging out in that little room was so much fun! We'd play pranks on Mrs. K, the secretary, like taping down the switch hook of her phone, so that it'd still ring after she picked it up, or we'd hide the white out. Lunch time, it'd be filled with 'Subbies' and we'd all talk and laugh and listen to the Driver's Ed movies on the other side of the door (the room was a glorified supply closet with windows). I still have a copy of the ditto I did my last day of high school.

No, I wasn't popular. Not by a long shot, but I had good friends and good times and that's really all that matters...

And that is seven things about my high school days. If you'd like to take this one, be my guest, especially, if you're doing NaBloPoMo and need a topic!


Oh I love that you still call them dittos. No one ever knows what I am talking about when I use it!

I was a 'teacher's pet' and always got to run the dittos for all the teachers. Of course, in those days it wasn't just pushing a button on a copy machine.
Suzanne said…

Dittos are different! They usually were purple ink and smelled like rubbing alcohol. In junior high, I got to run off the dittos in the morning for teachers as part of the 'service squad'.
thanks for sharing.

NYC high schools were still using dittos in the late 80's, when my (now ex) husband first started teaching and I would type up the tests he would give to his students. the smell of mimeograph paper is unique.
Joyce-Anne said…
heeheehee. Poor Mrs K. I remember those pranks...not to mention the ones pulled on me too...oh, let's forget I brought that up.
Suzanne said…

I read yours and had a good laugh about the contact high. Between the cafeteria and gym were exit doors at our school called the 'smoking doors'-you had to hold your breath if you went out those doors to the parking lot and probably got a contact high there, too!

Joyce, Remember how she'd go on and on about Andrew James? He's probably in his 30's now!
Joyce-Anne said…
I forgot about Andrew James. And, those smoking doors...weren't they fairly close to the sub-plan office? Whenever I passed them, I not only held my breath, but I always looked to see who was out there. Like, maybe one of my friends...not!!!

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