An Appetizer

While I'm off scouring the Internet for a free merge/edit program for my AVIs, you get a snipped of my audition tape. Are you excited?

Once I get the thing edited (with a program that doesn't make it into a proprietary format unless you PAY for it), I'll upload it and then work on the TWELVE page application.

Thankfully, I read the fine print last year, otherwise I might have been shocked by the 30 recipe requirement. Good thing I've been working on that all year. Now I need to type them up, so that when they ask, they're ready to submit.

If this one makes you hungry, email me and you'll get the recipe!

UPDATE***After downloading umptyump AVI mergers, editors and the like, I finally found two programs that did what I needed to do. If you ever need an AVI editor, use Solveig's, which can be found on the CNet site. Very user friendly-if I end up with a digital camera that takes movies, I will buy the full copy of this one. It is great.

I had a lot more trouble with the mergers. One would only do the merge if the frame speeds were identical. Well, two segments were 30.04, the rest 30.01-so it was a waste. Another was billed as a merger, but it really to merge family photo albums on the Internet. Finally, I used the aptly named AVI Joiner. It has a twist in that the free version only allows you to join three files.

So, I did some track bouncing, much like the days of working in radio. Three bounces later, I have a finished video that comes in at 2:45:99, under the three minute max decreed by the Food Network.

I can't upload it, so I'll be burning a DVD of it tomorrow and sending it off with the phone book, AKA the 12 page application.

I'm happy with the finished product. It's not my full on personality, but it IS me in teaching mode, and I think that's a little more important. Cross your fingers that in mid January, I'll be flying to New York for four weeks. Guess I should dig through the boxes and see where I packed my ski jacket! I haven't seen that thing in four years.

No, I'm not posting the whole thing on the blog, because it's huge and because I'd like to keep it a surprise. Maybe when all is said and done, you'll get to see the video. All I know is I feel really good about doing it and if it doesn't get me in, I know what to do for next year!


Geggie said…
Whoa! Anything that starts will bacon and 1/2 lb of cheese makes me happy!

Somehow I skipped that you're sending an entry to FNS. That's so cool!!! Good luck!
Suzanne said…
What you don't see is that this will serve eight people! Putting cheese and bacon on things usually means picky Gameboy will eat it, which is part of my culinary POV for the show.
Gypsydoodlebug said…
Oh, awesome! You're a natural. If you make it on the show you'll have to tell me ... I've never sen it but I hope you don't get yelled at by a Gordon Ramsey type!
Suzanne said…
NFNS runs you through your paces with the stars of the network. It's pretty cool-one week, Alton Brown will drill you on Camera Presence, another, Giada DeLaurentiis will make sure you know your ingredients, etc.
The point is to put you through your paces, so that at the end, they've got a winner who is ready to hit the ground running taping the next week.
Joyce-Anne said…
This little snippet came out great!!
Gypsydoodlebug said…
Giada needs to eat a cheeseburger or 10.
imaginary binky said…
Yay!!! I want to eat that, and you are so cute that I want to gobble you up, too! So glad to finally hear your voice and see you in Suzanne-O-Vision!

You will rock the little hats right off of those chefs!
Suzanne said…
Thanks! I actually feel like I'm subdued on this thing-maybe that's a good thing!

Cross your fingers. Now the website says contestants will tape from mid January to mid February.

If I get selected, who's taping the Inauguration for me?

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