Stuffing Day

When Chef awoke this morning, his first words to me were "Yay! It's Stuffing Day!" Yes, he's nine and it's all about the food.

The turkey was made by Publix, along with a couple of the sides. When you enjoy cooking, you look at the holes in the menu and make plans. I didn't see sweet potatoes, so a souffle. It has been stated many times that it is NOT a holiday without the Broccoli Bake, so of course that was made.

Would you believe that I have never had green bean casserole? Around the same time that the green bean dish became a must have on the Thanksgiving table, my mom submitted her recipe to Bisquick for a contest. Her recipe earned a place in a Bisquick cookbook and a check. Heck yeah, I'm making it!

A few other veggies and of course, desserts. Right now, my house smells like Ed's Cherry cobbler. He had to work, but joined us at the In Laws after he finished work. I popped that in the oven. The rest of us enjoyed an Apple cobbler. Yum.

It was nice to have good food and family around the table. As Chef is prone to doing, he insisted on a post meal game. I think he does that so he can beat us in whatever we're playing. Tonight, he creamed us in Disney trivia. He said no to Yatzee-I think he knows that game is purely luck!

I hope you all had a yummy meal and good company. And if you plan on getting those sales tomorrow, you'd better be in bed by the time this is posted!


sounds yummy!

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