Oh, the Power of A Blogging Mom!

For weeks on end, I've been after the boys to clean their rooms. Gameboy actually managed to get his very clean a few weeks ago. However, his cleaning style is to shove everything into the nearest clear bin, then shove them all into his closet. It becomes a mess again in a day or two, because he has to dump out root through all the bins to find the toy he wants to play with. This is despite numerous instructions from the parental units to put items in the bins by type.

Chef's room is a war zone of legos, cars, books and various foam weaponry. I can't walk in there, because there is not enough clear floor for my size 8 RSD foot to safely trod without stepping on something sharp, pointy and painful. As a result, he doesn't get tucked in by me anymore. He pouts, he complains and he knows why I don't come in his room, but doesn't change the condition of the room.

The daily "Clean your room, Chef" falls on deaf ears. I'm tired of him dragging all his toys out into the living room to play because he "can't play in his room." After getting gouged by two toys last week, I decided that enough was enough. That room is getting cleaned.

Since Friday, the child has been sent to his room, where he spends three hours in it, and he say's he's cleaning, but nothing seems to have moved. His friends have knocked on the door the past three days, and have been turned away. I won't let him have play time until it's cleaned. You'd think that would inspire him to move faster and get it done. It hasn't.

Today, there was the "I want to play the Wii, watch a movie, go to mini golf, etc" that peppers the days off from school. Nope, not getting it. Then I got an idea.

"I'm taking pictures of your rooms and putting them on my blog." For one, the concept that Santa looks at my blog (he commented last year, you know!) has scared him into working. The other was terrified when I walked into his room, camera in hand. "I'm cleaning, Mom! Don't take pictures!"

There's been more activity in the past fifteen minutes than the past five days. Guess when they're not doing their chores, I should trot out the camera with a threat of posting pictures for the whole world to see!


hey, whatever works...
ligirl said…
Love it! (Thank goodness there was no concept of blogging when I was growing up, LOL...I just remember being threatened by MY mom with a glass of water hovering over my head with the threat to dump it on me if I didn't get out of bed THIS MINUTE!)
Gypsydoodlebug said…
Completely. Awesome.

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