I got a call back from Nurse M. Last week, I left her a voice mail, asking if their office had received a request from SSDI. My rationale was that if Nurse M had one, that might be why Dr. K sent such a restrictive letter to the prospective employer.

So far, they haven't received anything. Nurse M was concerned that Dr. K wrote that letter based on information from February, 2007. While the RSD is an annoyance, it isn't at the fever pitch it was back then. She thought that I could have easily done the job. It's water under the bridge, because they withdrew the offer.

There are other irons in the fire on the job search. None of them are as interesting as the job that almost was, but all but one appear to be full time and I will know more about that one on Thursday, when I go meet with the recruiter.


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