Want Thanksgiving Dinner with All the Fixins?

Are you away from family and don't know how to cook? Or you live solo and don't want to eat turkey and the trimmings until the next presidential administration is sworn in?

Hopefully, you've got a Cracker Barrel nearby (or Kracken Barrel as it has been dubbed in this house). Check this menu out:

Last year, we enjoyed a fantastic meal at a local place, Buddy Freddy's, but this looks just as good.

And you get to play with those brain teaser puzzles, too!

As for us, I'm making desserts and veggies, because the meal was ordered and we're dining elsewhere-and it's heavy on the starches. I had to promise Chef Jr that I'll make my stuffing recipe to have later in the week, though!


Mike Golch said…
looks good to me.
that does look yummy.
Joyce-Anne said…
I'm so used to NY's hefty prices, I had to look twice at the menu.
imaginary binky said…
Ah, Cracker Barrel. How it sings to my soul with okra and catfish. Dare I eat some turkey there? I have no idea what to do for Thanksgiving.
Suzanne said…
Joyce, and I have the opposite effect, the "Ahhhh OOOOOOO Gaaaaaah" at the check at the end of a NY meal. Yet another reason why I could never move back!

Sarah, I was all set to make a turkey dinner, but we're going elsewhere. Otherwise, I'd say hop on a plane! :)

Mike, I haven't had their turkey, but the rest of it? Yum.

SB, Next time you head up to the college, you should so have that for lunch!
simba2 said…
*grin* Actually I have more details on the Cracker Barrel dinner -- Brian & I are doing that for Turkey day... so, for the carry out, which is what we are going to do you get:

2 lbs of sliced turkey
2 lbs of stuffing
6 large ham steak slices
cranberry orange relish
3 quarts of veggies (any of their normal sides plus sweet potato casserole)
either 12 cornbread muffins/12 biscuits or a loaf of sour dough bread

Apparently you can pay extra if you want more of something and they have pies for ~$9. I don't like pumpkin so we'll prolly get a chocolate pecan pie.

Easy dinner, I don't have to cook and we'll have left overs :) Can't beat it for the price either.
Suzanne said…
Jill, it is an excellent deal. For the same price, Publix is offering a 10 pound turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, gravy, biscuits, cranberries and a gallon of Iced Tea.

My kids are so used to Ham for Thanksgiving that I don't think they know we're supposed to have Turkey! The last time I made a Turkey for thanksgiving was when Chef was a year old!

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